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Issuing and Renewing Prescriptions

Private Patient Services
Psychiatry Austin offers psychiatric services to private patients who are paying out-of-pocket. Please call for rates.

Services include psychotherapy, medication management, and consultation with your other healthcare providers. Dr. Weiss is always happy to help out and offer a second opinion on a case or help out working with another established provider.

These services are provided to patients in-person at Dr. Weiss’ office, and by telehealth (video or phone). Payment options are provided below.

Your Mental Health is a Priority

Therapy for mental health


Dr. Weiss is an in-network provider for BlueCross BlueShield PPO plans (BCBS)

He is not an in-network provider for any other insurer.

Prior to making an appointment, we recommend you contact BCBS to determine:

  • Coverage
  • Deductibles
  • Co-pays
  • Out-of-Pocket Responsibilities
  • Prior Authorization requirements and forms, if any

Co-pays, deductibles or any uncovered fees are due at the time of your appointment. We accept payment with the options below.

Psychiatry Austin accepts private patients and Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance


Psychiatry Austin accepts private patients and Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

Out-of-Network.  If you are not insured by BCBS PPO and will be seeing Dr. Weiss as an “out-of-network” provider. You must pay his fees out-of-pocket but may be entitled to partial reimbursement from your insurance company. Ask your insurer to learn more. 

We take your safety seriously. That includes how we help you manage your prescriptions for psychiatric medication.

Before your first appointment

  • Obtain refills for psychiatric medications from your prior prescribing doctor, or meet with Dr. Weiss well before medication runs out (no less than a month before.)

At your first appointment

  • Try to bring bottles for all medications you take, for any health condition.
  • Your first appointment with Dr. Weiss is the best time to discuss if psychiatric medications are working for you. You can also discuss if medication is the right treatment choice.

Some psychiatric conditions are treated with “controlled substances” and those carry risks he will want to discuss with you. 

If you are already on controlled substances and require that they be continued, Dr. Weiss will have you sign a release of information to obtain your old medical records and if necessary, allow him to speak with your previous prescription provider to maintain continuity of care.

Refill Safety and Your Health: Our Rx Policy

Refills are issued at appointments

After your first appointment: 

Refills, dose adjustments or changes in medications are approved when you meet with Dr. Weiss in-person or by teleconference.

Please attend an appointment before refills are due to run out.

Medication decisions are made together so your medication regimen has been thoroughly explained to you (also called “informed consent,”) to optimize your care.

What you can do to ensure you don’t run out of your medication
Refills are issued at appointments
Schedule Ahead!

  • Give yourself plenty of time, with a buffer in case your appointment time has to be rescheduled. 
  • If you aren’t certain you have enough medication, check your Rx bottles.
  • You may want to count the pills remaining.

If you are not sure, please call the office as we do not want you to run out of medication which could negatively impact your care.

Payment is due at the time of your appointment for that appointment and any outstanding balance unless our office has agreed to make other arrangements.  If you are insured, co-pays and deductibles are due at each appointment.

Before your first appointment, we will send you our complete financial policy and fee schedule. You may be asked for credit card information.

When is Payment Due?


Notification of cancellation must be made at least 2 business days in advance of the appointment or are subject to the following cancellation fees:
$250 for a first appointment (new patient)
$125 for a follow-up patient

These fees are not covered by insurance and are due prior to making another appointment.

Before your appointment we will send you our complete financial policy and fee schedule.

Cancellation Fees, and Fees Not Covered by Insurance


You are your own best advocate when dealing with insurance.

It is your responsibility to speak with your insurer before your appointment to determine what your insurance does and does not cover. There is almost always a co-pay and annual deductible amount, and sometimes other fees you will pay out-of-pocket.



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