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Life isn’t easy. You may be struggling with an emotional challenge, life changes, or simply seeking insight, to better understand yourself. Physical health issues can also impact mental health, as can diet and nutrition. 

Dr. Weiss is a psychiatrist who has treated tens of thousands of patients to help them achieve a positive, healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically.

If you are seeking a happier, more balanced life, we are here to support you with therapy, medications (if needed,) and a comprehensive, tailored mental health care plan just for you.

Dr. Weiss practices psychiatry drawing on a broad background of medical experience and skill. He has practiced psychiatry for over 20 years and internal medicine for three decades.


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We are not accepting new patients at this time.


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Don’t Let Anxiety or Depression Run Your Life

Life is full of stressful events and challenges. Each person handles it differently. For some, depression or anxiety exist with a trigger. For others, there may be no obvious trigger.

In fact, anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health conditions facing Americans.

Treatment is available that makes a difference. For example, therapy and medication together are medically proven to help many if not most people, when properly performed and prescribed. Click to read Dr. Weiss article comparing anxiety treatment and anti-anxiety medications.

Non-pharmaceutical and ancillary options can also be effective. Dr. Weiss is experienced in treatments to overcome symptoms of anxiety and depression for the short and long term.

Therapy with Dr. Weiss

The Myth of Happy All the Time

Social pressure to be happy all the time is unrealistic for everyone.  Yet we sometimes judge ourselves harshly for not being “better” at life.

We are surrounded by pressure to be more productive, wealthier, attractive, accomplished. We might feel we are supposed to sail through something complicated and hard, like grieving.

It’s a formula for emotional struggle. Therapy is a safe place to explore life and learn ways to navigate and define what is true for you.

Be your own best friend.

Dr. Weiss works with his patients to develop techniques for self-support.

Your entire life has led to this moment. Therapy is a great way to replace self-destructive themes and their origins–so you can heal, and come to terms with what is getting in the way of experiencing life’s joys.

Dr. Weiss works with patients to replace the concept of “happiness” with the reality of life well-lived.

Options for Treatment

Therapy, and medication (if needed), are proven in many cases to be a powerful aid to overcome psychiatric roadblocks to mental health.

Other non-medication options are specific to particular symptoms or overall health for a better mind and body relationship.

A combination is sometimes the right choice.

Those decisions are best determined between the patient and Dr. Weiss.

Effective treatment is not one-size-fits-all.

We help our patients

Life Transitions

Anxiety, including Panic Attacks


Addiction Learn more

ADD/ADHD  Learn more

Bipolar Disorder (manic-depressive)

Traumatic experiences

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Eating Disorders


Destructive Personality Patterns

Why Psychiatry Austin?

Psychiatry Austin has served thousands of Austinites to navigate life’s challenges. Dr. Weiss has over 35 years of experience working with patients to overcome medical and mental health conditions.

Dr. Weiss is Board-Certified in Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Addiction Psychiatry, Brain Injury Medicine, and Forensic Psychiatry, with subspecialty training in Nutrition.

Internal Medicine
Nutrition Assessment
Psychiary Austin and Dr. Weiss draw on the strengths of multiple approaches to therapy for a comprehensive path to your mental health.

In addition to treating patients, Dr. Weiss is a Board-Certified Forensic Psychiatrist with decades of experience.

“Talk therapy” to develop insight and solutions.

Medication if needed.
Depression and anxiety are two common conditions that benefit from a mixed approach to treatment: medication and/or insight-oriented therapy.

Health, Not “Just” Mental Health

Dr. Weiss is deeply qualified to work with your other physicians to ensure your mental health treatment functions with treatment of other medical conditions.

Patients tell their stories

I love Dr Weiss! Not sure I could have made it through some of the most difficult changes I have ever faced without his support and guidance.

I have felt very respected and empowered as a patient in his care.

– Rhonda S.

Thank you Dr. Weiss!

As a parent of an Autistic son there have been many challenges, and many blessings!

We are so grateful to have been introduced to Dr. Weiss who worked with us to find the right combination of meds, that allowed our son as a young adult be part of life, in his home and community! THANK YOU!!!

– Ken Z.

Dr. Weiss is a very skilled MD with training & experience in addiction, internal medicine & psychiatry.

He is a genius when it comes to evaluating the need for medication. I recommend him highly.

– Beth L., LCSW

The entire team at Psychiatry Austin is exceptional! Everything is streamlined, efficient, and fast. You are called back in a timely manner, there is always a smiling face greeting you.

– Patient of Dr. Weiss

 Dr. Weiss is a patient listener and readily asks intuitive questions to get to the heart of the problem. In a very short period of time he had recommendations for my wife to consider eliminating certain medications that might be causing her some health issues. Her doctors took the advice of Dr. Weiss giving my wife wonderful relief. We are both pleased with the results and impressed with Dr. Weiss.

– Dr. Weiss’ Client

Dr.Weiss is very laid back and easy to talk to. He cares for his patients, identifies the problem, and then solves it. He is an exceptional doctor. Great service.

– Patient of Dr. Weiss

I am a clinical social worker. I have referred many of my clients to Dr. Weiss to [help] treat their depression, anxiety and/or symptoms related to PTSD. My clients consistently report receiving prompt, professional and effective help. He has also been readily available to consult with me and answer my questions not only about medication, but also relevant clinical issues around addiction, nutrition and dual diagnosis. I recommend Dr. Weiss both for his work with my clients and as a collaborative colleague.

-Mental Health Colleague

Getting Here

3006 Bee Caves Rd., #D208, Austin, TX 78746
We are located in “The Palisades” buildings on the north side of Bee Caves Rd., Suite D208

¾ mile west of Mopac Expressway, next door to the Finish Line Car Wash.

Map to Psychiatry Austin at 3006 Bee Caves Rd., D208, Austin, Texas
Dr. Weiss office at "The Palisades" Building, Suite D208
North > South on Mopac Expwy: TX-1 Loop S.
Exit TX-2244 toward Rollingwood/ West Lake Hills.  Take Frontage Road and turn right (west) onto Bee Caves Rd. Turn right into bldg. complex past the car wash.

South > North on  Mopac Expwy. Take left lane to ramp onto TX-1 Loop
Take Frontage Road and turn right (west) onto Bee caves Road. Follow 3/4 miles; right into the building complex past carwash.

Capitol of Texas Hwy (TX-360) North > South
TRM 2244/Bee Caves Rd. Exit; turn right on Bee Caves Road. 2.8 miles. Turn left into The Palisades building complex.