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Evaluating What Works Best for You

Each addiction is unique, and Dr. Weiss works with patients to choose the treatment or program best suited for them, followed by an on-going program for sobriety.

There are dozens of tools for sobriety; Dr. Weiss may recommend a 12 step program and detox plan for one person, but for a different patient he may recommend a course of medications, and/or nutrition regimen. 

A host of treatment “modalities” (methods) can be used in treating addiction. Any treatment plan is individualized because addictions aren’t treated the same, and neither are people.

Overcoming Addiction and Managing Other Medical Conditions

Dr. Weiss is an Internist as well as Psychiatrist. He understands and explains to his patients how treatment they are receiving for different health conditions can be crucial. Medications for some conditions make it harder to overcome addiction or are, themselves, habit-forming. 


Psychotherapy is always necessary when treating addiction in Dr. Weiss’ experience. Regular meetings enables him to provide patients with consistent support, and monitoring for physical and mental health to achieve and maintain sobriety.

As a Psychiatrist, he believes insight and mental health changes are absolutely necessary in treating addiction.

If a person’s greatest drive is dependence on a behavior or substance, it is time to talk with a skilled Addiction Psychiatrist.